Barsingha Villa Luxury Hotel in Bap Phalodi

Authentic Indian desert village experience

Barsingha Villa Luxury Hotel in Bap Phalodi,  is set in the vast Thar Desert of Rajasthan between  Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. It comprises 18 beautifully appointed bedrooms, all with private ensuites and air conditioning, two restaurants, four lounges, two bars and a beautiful rooftop garden.   Barsingha Villa luxury hotel in Bap Phalodi provides visitors with a memorable Rajasthani experience, using local decor, colours, traditions and cuisine. Experience first hand several Adobe Villages and see the people, still living and working in the Adobe mud houses, untouched by the Western world. Book Barsingha Villa Luxury Hotel in Bap Phalodi  for Rajasthani luxury Accommodation, established for International guests to come and experience camel safari & bird watching tours near Jodhpur with incredible Thar Desert. You can watch baby camels nursing from their mothers. See the slender of scores of Peacocks in their natural habitat. Watch Buffalo, sheep, donkeys, goats, birds, camels coming in to water as the sunsets at Barsingha Villa Luxury Hotel in Bap Phalodi.

Press Release – Barsingha Villa Management

Dear Partners, Greeting ! I hereby would like to bring kind notice, all stakeholders and partners of Barsingha Villa, Bhap including service provider, travel agency,tour operator, legal, tax, web, corporate client and related, who have worked closely to create Barsingha Villa, Bhap a niche and sustainable hotel over last decade. I am glad to inform […]

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