Bird Watching Tour- Khichan, Rajasthan

Bird Watching Tour – Khichan, Rajasthan is 28 Km towards Jaislamer Barsingha Villa Bhap.

Khichan a small serene village situated towards 150 km north of Jodhpur. This town becomes a very crowded place towards the end of August as the Demoiselle Crane fly in from their breeding grounds on the plains and steppes of Eurasia and Mongolia. All of a sudden, this peaceful town of Khichan is transformed into a noisy teeming place, as ‘krok-krok’ calls fill the air, and the sky is darkens as thousands of cranes starting hovering above the town.

Demoiselle cranes, take one of the roughest and toughest migrations in the world in order to arrive to this peaceful town of Khichan.  In late August through September, they gather in flocks of up to 400 individuals and prepare for their flight to their winter range. During their migratory flight south, demoiselles fly like all cranes, with their head and neck straight forward and their feet and legs straight behind, reaching altitudes of 16,000-26,000 feet. Along their arduous journey they have to cross the Himalayan Mountains. During this journey many   die from fatigue and hunger and those who survive are welcome at Khichan. At their wintering grounds, demoiselles have been observed flocking with common cranes, their combined totals reaching up to 20,000 individuals. Demoiselles maintain separate social groups within the larger flock. In March and April, they begin their long spring journey back to their northern nesting grounds.

Pakshi Chugga Ghar, require the food supply of estimated 5000 kg’s of bird seeds (per day), which are financed through various sources of donations. Previously, monetary donations from local people were looked after by Kuraj Samrakshan Vikas Sansthan a society established in Khichan for crane protection and care. Along with the Marwar Crane Foundation (MCF) which has been set up recently. Government of Rajasthan has now recognized this place as tourist site.

Khichan is visited by native and foreign tourists during the month season of August and March when the birds are in town with the peak season being from November to February. With Monsoon around the corner this time of the year seems to be a pleasant time to visit Khichan  More over with the onset of summer season, the climate in this region With the increase in the tourist population, these visits have been proven good for the village as the revenues from these visits keeps the economy at bay.

In the present scenario, this village hosts as perfect home for nearly 10,000 – 15,000 Demoiselle Cranes.

In the tourist map Khichan successfully, has achieved international recognition. After being featured in the Birding World magazine, in the article titled “Khichan – the Demoiselle Crane village.”

The heaven for every birdwatcher at Bird Watching Tour Khichan is from 5:30-7:00 am and in the evening from 4:00-5:30 pm, which is the feeding time for these cranes they gather on the nearby sand dunes to preen a fascinating sight as the birds face the rising sun, their tie-like black chest feathers contrasting with the blue winter sky. A short while later they depart in different directions in small family flocks. Once in the air they immediately form a disciplined order led by the female, followed closely by up to two sub-adults and brought up by the male.

The experience of Bird Watching Tour- Khichan Rajasthan is mesmerizing and spiritual to treasure for lifetime.