Barsingha Villa Bhap,Hotel near Phalodi is set in the vast Thar Desert of Rajasthan between Jodhpur and Jaisalmer and comprises 18 beautifully appointed bedrooms, all with private suites and air conditioning, two restaurants, four lounges, two bars and a beautiful rooftop garden and Barsingha Villa Bap Camel Safari, Bird tour P near Jodhpur.

Press Release – Barsingha Villa Management

Dear Partners,

Greeting !

I hereby would like to bring kind notice, all stakeholders and partners of Barsingha Villa, Bhap including service provider, travel agency,tour operator, legal, tax, web, corporate client and related, who have worked closely to create Barsingha Villa, Bhap a niche and sustainable hotel over last decade.

I am glad to inform you about transferred Brand Name ‘Barsingha Villa’, management and property ownership to Jagdamba Associate, Jodhpur has started operation with effect from 14 August 2018 onward.

Looking forward to support from  all stakeholder of Barsingha Villa, Bhap.



For Barsingha Villa


Sajjan Singh


Camel Safari Near Jodhpur Barsingha Villa,Bhap

Barsingha Villa, Bhap has created a signature camel safari near jodhpur and hand pick authentic camel safari experience. Our camel safari package is customised from half day ride or full day. Our journey starts….

Take a moment an just Imagine, the gush of strong wind as it passes by eroding the sand from the sand dunes while you are covered in cloaks to protect yourself from desert on a camel’s back with sore legs as sweat bids forming on your fore head. But then the massif of discomfort is broken when you witness the picturesque beauty of the Thar Desert with a huge amount of sand dunes camouflage the camels passing through them the only identity being the colourful attire of the villagers reside in these areas. While you are busy counting the number of camels visible but then again with the identifying tool and the sound of the traditional Manganiar (Tribal Musician) lyrics and then unexpectedly the harmony of the folk music you are brought back from your schemes or plans of capturing every aspect of the scenic view.

Nevertheless, for the fulfillment of such an experience of pastoral Thar which is one of the most populated deserts in the world. If you are travelling to the Thar your most important destination on the list must be visiting the Barsingha Villa where you must opt for the desert safari on a Camel at night because not only will it make you stare awestruck at the nightlife of the desert but it will also showcase another side of the village where the spirit of traditional Rajasthani life still burns alive along with which you will look upon a side of the cultural rustic life of the Indian Thar.

Although the importance of travelling on the camel back lays in the fact that such travel will definitely add on to your level of experiencing the desert life. In order to have an journey where you learn almost everything about the Rajasthani lifestyle. Also interestingly riding a camel is surprising is both adventurous; as you might feel as if you will slip off its back and fall and calming due to the symphony and the rhythmic movement. Also there is no other animal which can provide such an ride.

The definition of this journey is always depending on the traveller as they all write up or look back on their journey, they must have made various memories. Your experience and your remark also waits for your arrival along with a camel.

P.S when are you booking our camel safari near Jodhpur Rajasthan package.?