Adobe Villages  Experience first hand several Adobe Villages and see the people, still living and working in the Adobe mud houses, untouched by the Western world. These friendly folk will welcome you to amble freely around the primitive adobe huts and visit their families inside their Adobe Dhanis. You can observe their culture. 97 Salt lakes Safari – Not far from the little Village of Bap sits a giant salt lake. The village people have developed acres of salt beds where a local industry has grown, extracting salt from the earth. You will be shown the process of the salt being crystallized, dried, racked and bagged, before being shipped all over India. This amazing sight of white beds looks like snow fields in the hot dry desert. On the way home our Safari will take you in to Bap Village. Sitting on a serine fresh water lake, this authentic little Indian Village is busy with energy, spirit and a soul of old India. At the local markets you will see primitive businesses at work, using old handcrafted tools on wood, pottery, leather, and metal. Tiny, colorful fabric shops, glitter like a pots of gold at the end of a rainbow.


Animals and Wildlife – Barsingha Villa Hotel near Bikaner is Rajasthani luxury Accommodation, established for International guests to come and experience the incredible Thar Desert. Stay with us for 3 or 4 nights and see the amazing delights and splendor that the desert has to offer. Based around the development and preservation of animals and wildlife, Barsingha Villa Hotel near Bikaner has Safaris that take you among the many animals that call the desert their home. You will watch close up at lakes and watering holes as the animals come in for water at Sunset. Your 4 WD Jeep will drive slowly through a herd of 450 camels as they graze and feed in the harshness of the desert. You can watch baby camels nursing from their mothers. See the slender of scores of Peacocks in their natural habitat. Watch Buffalo, sheep, donkeys, goats, birds, camels coming in to water as the sunsets.


Take a Camel to Dinner – Late, in the cool of the afternoon you can experience our desert Safari Tour to watch the amazing animal activity that takes place, as the desert cools and the sun goes down. You will see a herd of 450 camels grazing in sand dunes, shepherds bringing in their goats and sheep for the night, water buffalo, monkeys, cattle, camels and scores of wild Peacocks , all coming in to water at Kingfisher Lake. You will take a camel ride or wagon for 3 kilometers to a Dhani farm house, to have cocktails and an Indian Bhoj on the rooftop to watch the amazing sunset. As the Stars come out and the darkness sets in, our Safari vehicle will take you home to your beautiful cool room at Barsingha Villa Hotel near Bikaner.


India’s Magic Kitchen – Choose from our outdoor restaurant, one of our lounges or gaze on our rooftop under the stars, to enjoy some of the finest Indian cuisine in Rajasthan. You can relax and enjoy everything that comes from Barsingha’s brand new, state of the art kitchen. Our award winning Chef works on the highest levels of hygiene, so you can eat to your hearts content and cherish his delectable food. Everything is daily fresh and prepared under critical scrutiny. It embellishes your Indian experience.


AT BARSINGHA VILLA we strive to educate all of our guests with a little bit of understanding of our general area, village life and community welfare so that when you stay with us you feel you have been touched with local hospitality and have a better understanding of how village life works and how much the local villages rely on towns like Bap for their livelihood. This is a brief description of some of the things which are available for one to visit and be involved with during your stay with us.

Many people come to Barsingha Villa and are touched by having the opportunity to contribute in some way not just in donations but in being actively involved if they wish even whilst they are with us for just a short time like an hour.

  • Adobe Villages
  • Salt Lakes
  • Local Schools
  • Bap Village Walk
  • Cow Farm
  • Our Farming Land
  • Water Green & Clean

BARSINGHA VILLA is heavily involved in community projects and we are always encouraging our guests if they wish to be involved, however if they just wish to come and enjoy our hospitality and comfort then they are always welcome.

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